Club Room

The Club Rooms at Chospa are thoughtfully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape; the earthy hues of the mud walls merging seamlessly with the natural wood elements that share the space.

Painstakingly hand finished in mud plaster using locally available fuller’s earth, the walls are made of compressed earth bricks, insulating you from the bustle of the city outside, while providing a discreetly luxurious feel with its texture and finish. The narrow windows are designed for maximum thermal comfort, while the simple woodwork, inspired by minimalistic geometry, adds a touch of purposeful elegance to the space. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced timber, the bed invites you to for a peaceful slumber, with its soft linens and plush pillows.

The Club Room exudes a sense of timelessness, warmth and serenity, and we hope that as you lay in bed, you can feel the harmony between the earth, stone, and wood that make up the room, a perfect ode to the beauty of the Himalayas.


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